BEER MENU 11.18.2021 | Maison Premiere

DRAFT BEER Other Half “Forever Ever IPA” 8 Session IPA: creamy, grapefruit, lime pith (Brooklyn, NY) Threes Brewing SFY (12oz) 8 Double IPA: tropical, candied tangerines (Brooklyn, NY) Guiness Stout 8 Dry Stout, raisin, roasted malt, and cocoa (Ireland) Oxbow Brewing “Farmland” (12oz) 8 Farm House Ale: green apple, pepper, vanilla (Portland, ME) Oxbow “Luppolo” Pilsner (16oz) 9 German Pilsner: doughy, citrus notes, grassy (Portland, ME) BOTTLED BEER AND CIDER Grimm “Super Spruce” Gose (New York) 12 Dutchess “Auger” Porter (New York) 11 Von Trapp Bohemian Pilsner (Stowe, VT) 7 Stillwater “Cellar Door” (Baltimore, MD) 8 Oxbow “Surf Casting” Lime Grisette (Newcastle, ME) 8 Rothaus Tannenzapfle Pils (Germany) 8 Schlenkerla Marzen (Germany) 13 Uerige “Classic” Altbier (Germany) 12 Harviestoun “Old Engine Oil” Porter (United Kingdom) 11 De Glazen Toren Saison D’Erpe-Mere 750 ml (Belgium) 34
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